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San Francisco Junk Removal by Junk Xpress

Don't lift a finger, we'll send a team & a truck! Our team will pickup, carry, haul away, and dispose of your old junk, clutter, furniture, appliances, and just about anything else.

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Junk Xpress San Francisco California

San Francisco Junk Removal by Junk Xpress. Don't lift a finger, our clean-cut team provides full Service Junk Pickup, Haul Away, Disposal & Recycling. On a mission to be the best value, pricing and service in the industry.

Where in San Francisco do we service?

Junk Xpress San Francisco services the entire San Francisco / Oakland / Berkeley / Hayward area.

Mission District San Francisco

If you're looking for a junk company in the Mission District, Junk Xpress is here to serve you. Whether you live off Folsom, near Chan Kaajal Park, or if you're further south Folsom at Precita Park or Bernal Heights ParkTrail , we're here to save you time and effort. Our junk removal experts are familiar with the neighborhood and with all of the rules, regulations, and laws surrounding proper junk disposal in San Francisco.

We also exemplify a commitment to green disposal and responsibility.

Bernal Heights

Nestled near the intersection of the 280 and the 101? If you're near Bernal Heights park, Junk Xpress is ready to take your junk away. Our quick and easy pickups exist to make junk disposal as straightforward as possible. We know it's not the highlight of your day to work on junk removal efforts, but we also know that the moment our truck turns the corner leaving you with a clean house could be!

How can we serve you? Give us a call and we'll be happy to provide a quote or answer your junk removal questions.

Sunset District

With Ocean Beach on the west side, Golden Gate Park on the north side, and the San Francisco Zoo down south, it's hard to compete with Sunset District by any standard: entertainment options, beauty, and more. To be honest, we love any excuse to come to the Sunset District. Junk isn't so glamorous, but we take great pleasure in knowing that we can play a role in your de-cluttering and de-stressing process.

We're here with same day and next day junk removal services. Just give us a call and we'll get you set to go.

Financial District

In or around the towering skyscrapers of the Financial District? Junk Xpress is happy to serve you with both commercial and residential junk removal services. We provide office cleanouts, home cleanouts, and all the like. We're even able to take some of those items that are hard to get rid of - like old printers, computers, desks, and monitors.

It would be our pleasure to serve you with a fast and friendly junk pickup. Give us a call and we'll get started.

North Beach

From Pier 39 to the Coit Tower and beyond - it's a pleasure to serve and be in North Beach. We offer a wide range of services to cover just about any junk removal need you can imagine. From bulky item removal to hoarding cleanouts, we're here for it all -we've seen pretty much everything junk removal can offer at least once! Our team will also take special care to send your items to the right places after you've disposed of them: they may find a new home via a donation center, or they may be recycled as well.

Ready to get started? Give our team a call today for a free quote or more information.

Richmond District + Sea Cliff

Whether it's Baker Beach or Presidio, there's always plenty of opportunity to get out and relax in or around Richmond District. But if the junk piling up at home is making that more difficult, it might be time to give Junk Xpress a call! We're here to serve you, with services for both residential and commercial customers. There are very few items we can't take. It would be our pleasure to get junk off your mind once and for all!

Outer Mission + Visitacion Valley

Sitting on the south edge of San Francisco near Balboa Park or McLaren Park? No need to worry, you're still within Junk Xpress' service area. In fact, we'd be delighted to help de-clutter your home or office. Our team offers many same and next day service options, making junk removal quicker, easier, and even cheaper than you might have ever thought possible!

Bayview - Hunter's Point + Dogpatch

How many neighborhoods can boast their own opera house? Bayview-Hunter's Point and Dogpatch are two classic San Francisco neighborhoods, and both are covered by our Junk Xpress service team. Have some junk to be rid of? Give us a call and we'll send the truck! Our team is renowned in the Bay Area for the special attention we pay to great customer service.

SOMA + Mission Bay

In the hustle and bustle of the SOMA + Mission Bay area, you'll find Junk Xpress! SOMA is our home neighborhood, and we're delighted to serve you. It's not as exciting as a trip to Oracle Park, but getting rid of junk is a great, freeing feeling that we'd love to provide you. And you can skip the hassle of hauling it yourself! Our team is ready to serve you with a same day or next day pickup.

What does Junk Xpress pricing look like?

Junk Xpress Prices:

Our customers want:

  • Quick booking & scheduling
  • Prompt, courteous and professional help
  • Fair pricing that's more than worth it

Choose two to determine your pricing:

  1. Amount of Truck Volume
  2. Amount of Additional Hourly Help.

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Hourly Add-on Help

About 20% of our customers need to add additional hourly help with their junk removal needs. For more about additional hourly work and whether you need it, please call us to get a quote and some more information!

Which types of junk do we pick up & dispose of?

We're pleased to say that we take a very wide variety of junk. Past customers will tell you that we've taken everything from old hot tubs to gym lockers. The assortment is all over the place! Below, we've compiled a list of some of the items we're commonly asked about - and yes, we take them! Not sure about your item? Please give us a call to learn more.

Items we take:

  • Mattresses, Box Springs, and Bed Frames
  • Dressers, Nightstands, Wooden Tables + Chairs
  • Couches and Living Room Chairs
  • Computers, Monitors, Printers, and E-Waste
  • Old TVs (Including CRP)
  • Hot Tubs
  • Appliances
  • A/C Units
  • Lawn and Yard Waste
  • Construction Debris and Scrap
  • Cabinets

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Why we're a better junk removal experience

Great Value & Price

We're a lean, passionate team, which allows us to provide value & pricing that's unbeatable by our competitors.  

Customer FOcused

We show up on time, with a great crew, and we're relentless in our pursuit to make this a spectacular experience.

Teamwork & Culture

We attract the best from the competition by providing a superior work environment & compensation structure.

How Can Junk Xpress Help You?

We work with all kinds of customers with all sorts of different needs. For that reason, we also offer a broad range of service options to ensure you can find the one that best fits your needs. Our services are:

  • Commercial Junk Removal
  • Residential Junk Removal
  • Storage Unit Cleanouts
  • Disaster + Demolition Cleanouts
  • Office or Home Cleanouts
  • Moving De-Cluttering
  • Renovation + Remodel Pickups

If you have junk that needs to be cleared out, we're the team to call first. We've seen it all, and we're ready for any challenges your situation presents us. Our teams come prepared to do all the heavy lifting, hauling, and hard work for you. All you have to do is point to which items need to go; we'll take it from there!

Making Junk Removal Cheap and Easy

We're dedicated to making junk removal cheaper and easier than it's ever been. Our commitment to reasonable pricing is reflected by our own low pricing as well as a price-match guarantee. We'll never allow a competitor to undercut our prices, and we do it for your sake. We want you to rest easy knowing you got the best deal in town. However, most of our customers never need to make use of that guarantee - they tell us our prices were already the lowest in far!

We strive to make junk removal easier by doing what many of our competitors fail to do - communicating. Our teams will always seek to be in close contact with you to ensure we understand the task at hand, and that you know where we're at with it. We also strive to be the friendliest team in town, because no one likes working with nasty people.

But you don't have to take this from us, feel free to review our customer testimonials. A couple great ones from Rafael and Edita on Yelp are below:

These guys came within 2 hours of making the initial inquiry and took out a bunch of backyard junk like wooden planks and concrete. Highly recommended and would definitely hire again!
Professional and courteous service from the booking with Zack to the end. We took apart backyard deck and needed to do cleanup. They did a great job for reasonable price. We are very pleased with the service and will use them again.

Where Your Junk Goes

Customers concerned with green disposal or potential for reuse often ask where their junk goes once our truck disappears.

Junk Xpress has a policy to prioritize donations when possible. For items that are in good enough shape and acceptable by donation centers, we'll likely make that stop first to determine what can be donated.

Of course, not all items can be donated. In these cases, we head for the recycling center. Everyone knows recycling can put items back to use. But if you look yours up, you might be surprised at just how they can be reused!

Some items do require special disposal at state-approved facilities. Mattresses fall in this category. They're only allowed to be accepted at state-approved Mattress Recycling Centers. There are two in to San Francisco: