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Construction Debris and Waste Removal Near You

Renovating your home can be exciting and very stressful all at the same time. You have to design your project, buy the materials, complete the project, and then decide what to do with all remaining materials.

Your weekly trash is typically not willing to take construction waste and will charge a significant amount extra. What are you supposed to do with all of this debris?

Concrete, wood, and brick disposal professionals

JUNK XPRESS offers friendly, reliable, and efficient construction waste disposal for projects of all sizes, both commercial and residential. We take wooden planks, bricks, cement, old appliances, and even kitchen sinks! With our continued experience and success in construction material and debris removal, you can rely on us to take it off your hands!

Here is how our service works:

1. Simply call, chat online, or fill out a quote request.

2. Our friendly, uniformed truck team will contact you shortly before your scheduled  window.

3. When we arrive, just point to the construction waste you want to be removed, we will place it in our truck, and tidy up the area.

We will recycle and donate whatever we can, whenever possible.

We haul all types of construction material, including:

Concrete pickup

If you are dealing with a remodeling project including foundation work, you will likely find yourself with piles of cracked and broken concrete. Luckily, our crew is here and ready to help  you get rid of concrete in any shape or size.

Asphalt disposal

Did you know that asphalt is 100% recyclable?

Asphalt pavement and shingles can be recycled into products used in roads, driveways, and walkways. If you do not want to spend the time handling proper asphalt disposal on your own, we’re happy to help.

Scrap wood disposal

Wood is one of the most common remodeling project waste items. Used wood and demolition waste can be re-milled into new lumber or ground down into wood chips to be used as engineered board, eco-friendly logs, or mulch.

Scrap metals

JUNK XPRESS gives homeowners and contractors an easy way to recycle scrap metal from construction sites.

Drywall Disposal

Most construction debris is mixed with leftover drywall, but its gypsum core is a challenging material to get rid of.

We can easily handle drywall disposal and also recycle used drywall whenever possible, diverting countless loads of construction clean-up materials from ending up in landfills.

Here’s more information about the types of construction debris we help get rid of:

What types of construction debris & waste can be recycled?

Almost all types of construction debris can be recycled:

  • Concrete
  • Metals
  • Lumber
  • Tile
  • Plastics
  • Porcelain
  • Masonry
  • Rock
  • Insulation
  • Carpet
  • Drywall

If you want to dispose of construction waste materials on your own, you will need to check with your local facility to ensure they can accept it.  Keep in mind that transporting might be difficult to handle on your own, especially if you have a large load of debris to haul.

How to dispose of concrete

If you're laying a foundation or building a wall, you may find yourself with copious amounts of unwanted concrete all over your property. Thankfully, there are a number of alternative methods of getting rid of concrete that does not involve taking up space in a landfill.

Here are some ways to handle old concrete:

  1. Haul it to a construction and demolition waste facility.
  2. Give it to a local building supplies retailer.
  3. Advertise it for free or for sale online.
  4. Hire a professional junk hauling company.
  5. Offer it to companies that specialize in recycled materials.
  6. Offer it on your curbside for free.
  7. Reuse it for home improvement projects.
  8. Load it in a rental dumpster.

Unused concrete slabs still have value. Before you toss them in a landfill, be sure to consider all of the alternative disposal options in your area.

Can concrete be recycled?

Yes, it can!

When concrete is recycled it is crushed into smaller pieces and refined through several filtration processes. The refined product is used to create pavement, asphalt, building foundations, new concrete, mulch, wire, and oceanic reef habitats.

How to dispose of scrap wood

The proper way to dispose of wood depends on whether or not it is treated. If it is untreated, it may be collected with curbside pickup in some communities, taken to a recycling facility, sold as lumber, or reused. If the wood is pressure treated, varnished, painted, or finished in any way, it cannot be recycled. Instead, it should be reused as lumber or taken to a landfill.

How to dispose of bricks

Like concrete, bricks are often too heavy and bulky to be thrown into the regular trash heap. And when thrown out in large quantities, this non-biodegradable material takes up large amounts of valuable space in landfills.

Here is how you can responsibly dispose of your old bricks:

  1. Determine whether or not the bricks are in good condition.
  2. Donate your usable bricks to a local materials exchange program.
  3. Offer your bricks for free online or in your neighborhood.
  4. If your bricks are not usable, take them to your local landfill.

Bricks are one of the most sturdy, valuable resources for building large and small structures. If you can’t use them in your own DIY products, make sure to try to give them away  to be reused before sending them to a landfill.

How to dispose of drywall

Drywall, also known as sheetrock, is one of the easiest construction materials to recycle or repurpose. If you can’t reuse, sell, or donate your old drywall, your next step should be recycling. Many cities do not accept drywall in their usual curbside recycling programs, however, you can call and find out if it is accepted on bulk pickup days or take it to a recycling center. If it is not accepted, it can be thrown in a landfill.

Other construction waste we haul:

  • Concrete
  • Porcelain
  • Tiles
  • Plastics
  • Wood
  • Metals
  • Rocks
  • Insulation