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Don't lift a finger, we'll send a team & a truck!
Our team will pickup, carry, haul away, and dispose of your old junk, clutter, furniture, appliances, and just about anything else.

  • Best Value & Pricing - We're not a Mega-Franchise
  • Kind, Courteous, On Time & Fast
  • 5-Star Worthy Results! Hundreds of Google Reviews.

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Why we're a better junk removal experience

Great Value & Price

We're a lean, passionate team, which allows us to provide value & pricing that's unbeatable by our competitors.  

Customer FOcused

We show up on time, with a great crew, and we're relentless in our pursuit to make this a spectacular experience.

Teamwork & Culture

We attract the best from the competition by providing a superior work environment & compensation structure.

Hundreds of 5-star reviews

Piles of junk, Furniture, Appliances & More

The right people, a perfect truck, and the right attitude.

Let's face it, not all junk removal & disposal companies aren't created equally.

Bad Junk Companies:
- Late & Inconsistent.
- Crabby & Irritable
- Gross, Dirty & Slimy Trucks and Uniforms
- Overpriced & Poor Overall Value

We've been on a mission to recruit the best talent from our competitors, pay them better, and give them the tools they need to thrive.  Our driven team of people will deliver great results, at an amazing price, and with customer service that will blow your socks off.

San Jose Junk Removal Services
Junk Xpress San Jose
San Jose Mattress, Bedroom Set & Box Spring Removal & Recycling Service

Does Junk Xpress San Jose provide mattress and bed disposal services?  Yes, Junk Xpress San Jose makes getting rid of your old mattress, box springs, and bedroom sets easy.

Sit Back and Relax!

Junk Xpress teams do all the hard work and heavy lifting of disposing your mattress, bedroom sets, box springs and more.

Our Mattress removal & Bedroom furniture junk pickup, haul away and disposal services includes everything. If you're looking to dispose your old mattress and bed, just call us and we'll get you setup.

Appliance Pickup, Disposal & Recycling in San Jose California

Does Junk Xpress provide appliance pickup & recycling?  Yes, Junk Xpress will pickup, haul away, and dispose of just about any kind of appliance such as dishwashers, microwaves, washers, dryers, freezers, refrigerators, treadmills and more.

Don't do anything if you're appliance died, just give us a call and we'll move the old appliance out of the location, pickup it up with our truck, load it all with our team, and make sure that our appliance is recycled whenever possible.

Deep Freezer recycling, Fridge

Get rid of an Old Hot Tub in San Jose with Junk Xpress Hot Tub Removal Services

Where do you get hot tub removal & recycling in San Jose? Junk Xpress is a full service hot tub recycling and removal company in San Jose, and we'd be delighted to help you get rid of that jacuzzi or hot tub!

When we provide our Hot Tub disposal and pickup services, we will send a team and truck to your home, we'll cut the hot tub up into manageable pieces, and then we'll haul it away with our team and truck.

You might be searching to understand what facilities would recycle an old hot tub, but instead of doing that, you should just call us and we'll help you get rid of that hot tub!

Yard Waste Pickup & Haul Away San Jose

If you live in San Jose and you're looking for yard waste pick up, Junk Xpress provides yard waste pick up and haul away services. It doesn't matter if you have bags of leaves, old brush, or a bunch of bags of grass, just give our team a call and will take care of it fast.

Kings of Junk San Jose & Got Some Junk San Jose Price Guarantee

Looking for Got Junk® San Jose pricing or looking for Got Junk® reviews?  
Or maybe you're looking for an alternative to Junk King® San Jose?

We price match Got Junk® San Jose and Junk King® so if you're thinking of doing business with them, just give us a call!  We've found that our
How can we offer better customer service and better pricing than 1800 Got Junk® and Junk King®?  Because we're on a mission to deliver the best value and customer experience in the Junk Industry.
We're a lean, well run operation and we don't have mega franchise fees to pay like some of our competitors.  
got some junk, and you're looking for pricing for junk companies, look no further. Junk Xpress junk removal and disposal provides a price guarantee and price match compared to our competitors. If you're thinking about calling a company if you got some junk in San Jose, or if you're looking for the king of junk in San Jose, look no further.

The king of junk in San Jose pricing is in our sites, and we will price guarantee and out of maneuver anybody trying to take our place as the kings of junk.

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We'll cleanout and haul away the junk you have from a cleanout


Before and after a remodel means there's junk haul away.  Don't get a dumpster, get the Junk Xpress Team.

Move Outs

House Sold? New Renters? We'll make your life easy.


Give us a call for washers, dryers, dishwashers and just about any appliance removal & disposal.

Commercial Junk

Whether you have a new building, an office move, or a post job cleanup.

Garbage REmoval

If you need garbage removed, and you don't want to do anything, we've got you covered.