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San Ramon Junk Removal & Disposal

Our team makes junk pickups painless.

San Ramon Junk Removal & Disposal
How does pricing work?

When you work with Junk Xpress, you only pay for the items we take. Our pricing is incremental, so if you have just a few items, your quote will reflect that. We have a low minimum price that reflects our commitment to keeping junk removal reasonable. While all quotes are custom, we do have some general guidelines you can base off of depending on how much of our truck you fill.

Pricing by Truck Volume

  • 1/4 Truck - $328
  • 1/2 Truck - $508
  • 3/4 Truck - $598
  • Full Truck - $696

Which items can be taken?

There are very few items we can't take. If your junk is non-hazardous, it's almost certain that we can take it.

We've taken just about any kind of junk item that comes to mind, and we'd be happy to let you know about yours if you give us a call. For a quick reference, we've compiled a list of the items we're most commonly asked about. And yes, we take every single one of these!

Accepted Junk Items

  • Mattresses & Box Springs
  • Tables & Shelving Units
  • Laminate Countertops
  • Wood & Metal Scrap
  • Cabinets
  • Old TVs
  • A/C Units
  • Appliances
  • Couches & Chairs
  • Yard Waste
  • Computers, Printers & Monitors
  • Patio Furniture
  • Hot Tubs

What happens to my junk after it's picked up?

Many junk pickup companies opt for what's easiest when it comes to junk disposal. And often, that means they'll break down your items and head to recycling centers once they're out of sight.

We're pledging to be different. To us, donations are important. We'll strive to donate as many of your items as we possibly can. If they're simply not in a condition to be donated, we'll opt for recycling at that point. We're striving to be the green, responsible way to dispose of your junk.

Why we're a better junk removal experience

Great Value & Price

We're a lean, passionate team, which allows us to provide value & pricing that's unbeatable by our competitors.  

Customer FOcused

We show up on time, with a great crew, and we're relentless in our pursuit to make this a spectacular experience.

Teamwork & Culture

We attract the best from the competition by providing a superior work environment & compensation structure.

Hundreds of 5-star reviews

A Simpler Way to Dispose of Junk

DIY junk removal always sounds like a great plan - who doesn't want to save money, right?

Unfortunately, lots of hidden costs come along with DIY plans: truck rentals, pizza for friends, gas, and so on, and so on. In the end, we've even seen cases where DIY methodology ends up costing even more than professional junk removal services.

And that's not to mention the wasted Saturday!

But we get it. Professional junk removal companies can be pushy, late, irritable, and bad communicators. And they can get away with it all even with insanely high prices!

But the Junk Xpress team is different. We have no interest in taking advantage of our customers, and that's why you'll see so many reviews recognizing the fact that we beat the competition on price, time and time again. But we don't stop there - we aim to beat them on service too! Our customers always appreciate that we go above and beyond in communication and always aim to be friendly. And as long as customers appreciate it, we'll keep doing it!