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Mountain View Junk Removal

We make junk disposal cheap and easy.

Mountain View Junk Removal
How much do junk pickups cost?

Some companies charge a flat rate, while others charge based on the truck space your items take up. At Junk Xpress, we firmly believe in paying only for the items you need taken - not the empty space left over in the truck.

We embrace this model so you can get the most bang for your buck - even if you just need a few items removed. If you're shopping quotes from multiple junk removal companies, do keep in mind that even those that charge by truck space often have high minimums that make it impossible to economically get rid of a small amount of junk.

Junk Xpress strives to have an ultra-low minimum that enables this. Also, don't forget our price match guarantee! If you find a junk company in Mountain View offering better prices than us, we'll match it.

Will my items be accepted?

It depends on the disposal company. Here at Junk Xpress, we're able to take almost any item that would be found in an average household. Since they can be difficult, we're often asked about the following items, and we accept each and every one of them:

  1. Mattresses
  2. Box Springs
  3. E-Waste (Computers, Printers, Etc.)
  4. Hot Tubs
  5. Old Carpeting
  6. Dining Room Sets
  7. Living Room Sets (Couches, Chairs, Etc.)
  8. Old TVs
  9. Construction Debris or Scrap
  10. Office Fixtures
What do I need to do to prepare for and schedule my pickup?

Please give us a call to schedule your pickup. We work directly with you to schedule a junk pickup that works with your schedule. We do lots of same day junk pickups as well as next day pickups. However, the priority is finding a time that works for you.

Once your pickup is scheduled, you've already done the hardest part. You don't have to haul your own junk to the front door - we'll do all the hauling for you. In fact, the only thing you need to do to prepare for our visit is determine which items we'll be taking. Since you probably already have them in mind, you're just about ready to go.

Why we're a better junk removal experience

Great Value & Price

We're a lean, passionate team, which allows us to provide value & pricing that's unbeatable by our competitors.  

Customer FOcused

We show up on time, with a great crew, and we're relentless in our pursuit to make this a spectacular experience.

Teamwork & Culture

We attract the best from the competition by providing a superior work environment & compensation structure.

Hundreds of 5-star reviews

Mountain View - We're Excited to Serve You

Here at Junk Xpress, we love serving the greater Bay Area. We've recently expanded our Silicon Valley operations. If you haven't already seen one of our trucks in your neighborhood, expect to see one soon! As you likely know, we're not the only junk pickup company in town. But we've made a name for ourselves and the priority we put on top-notch customer service. Lots of people and companies can throw your junk in a truck and drive off. Unfortunately, fewer are focused on integrity and serving their customer well.

That's why you'll see lots of great Junk Xpress reviews thanking us for prioritizing communication, timeliness, friendliness, and all-around integrity. One kind reviewer put the Junk Xpress difference this way:

I needed a quote for my weathered sectional couch, due to the fact 1800GotJunk's quote seemed astronomically high.. When I called I spoke to Zach, who asked me to send a picture of the couch. He immediately replied that he could not only match gotjunks quote but also beat it by a significant amount.. and to make things better he had a crew out that day! Richie and Pablo were very friendly, fast, and efficient. I had an amazing experience from start to finish, and would recommend JUNK XPRESS to anybody for there junk removal needs.

-Fast F. on Yelp

We love serving customers like this and getting these kind reviews in response. Our primary goal isn't to earn top dollar off of you - it's to offer you the best possible value for your junk removal. We mean it when we say that our goals are to make the process cheap and easy.

Junk That Requires Special Care

When you think of junk, you probably think of...well...junk! But the process involved with proper junk disposal is a little bit more nuanced and can be tricky. Certain items are only accepted by specific facilities - in many cases that's mandated by law. In other cases, the responsible decision is to send your usable "junk" to a donation center so someone else can treasure it. Of course, it's not always in the condition to be utilized in this way. And donation centers are unable to accept many items either way.

In these cases, a stop at a recycling center is warranted. From there, you may need to go to a specific center for certain items such as a Mattress Recycling Center for mattresses. This is the only California state-approved way to be rid of a mattress.

The good news is that Junk Xpress will make all of these stops for you - even the donation center stop! We love donating when possible, recycling when we can, and turning to other options only when absolutely necessary.

What About DIY Junk Removal?

DIY is always an option for junk disposal. However, we always encourage people to be fully informed on the task before regretting the time investment.

In addition to the stops we outlined above that you may have to make the get rid of your junk, don't forget to prepare for the following:

  1. Breaking Down Junk
  2. Providing Special Tools for Heavy Lifting
  3. Hauling
  4. Assembling Friends for Lifting
  5. Renting a Truck
  6. Visiting Multiple Locations

Once you're ready for these items, you're ready to take on the task. It's worth noting that oftentimes, DIY junk removal ends up costing more than professional junk disposal if the tools, trucks, and people required to finish the task are not available.

It might be worth giving us a call to measure the costs and benefits of each option.

The most important part, of course, is getting all that junk out of your life once and for all!