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Monterey Junk Removal

We're making junk disposal cheaper, easier, and just plain better.

Monterey Junk Removal
Is junk removal expensive?

Years in the junk business have allowed us to refine our process to the point that we can offer great prices that are almost impossible to beat - even by some DIYers! While other junk removal services may charge flat fees or have high minimum amounts that they can accept, Junk Xpress offers both low minimums and incremental pricing that varies based on the amount of junk you're giving us.

How can we beat the price of DIY?

Well, if you need to call some friends to do the hauling (and buy them pizza) plus rent a truck, you may end up with a costlier DIY project than you had first anticipated. Believe it or not, there have been cases where hiring our professional service team proved cheaper!

We're here to save your Saturday without breaking the bank. And if another junk removal service beats our price, we'll match it so you can rest easy knowing you have the best possible price available to you.

Which items are accepted?

It would be impossible to create an exhaustive list since we accept so many different kinds of junk. But here are a few we're often asked about and DO take:

  • Mattresses & Box Springs
  • Old TVs
  • Printers, Computers, and Copiers
  • Dining Room Tables & Chairs
  • Living Room Couches & Chairs
  • Construction Debris & Scrap
  • Old Carpeting
  • Metal Scrap
  • Yard Waste
  • Bed Frames
  • Hot Tubs
What is your service area?

Junk Xpress happily serves the greater Monterey area. Whether you're beachside or park side, our team is available to serve you. We're the greater San Jose area's best choice for junk removal of all kinds. It would be an honor to serve you next!

Why we're a better junk removal experience

Great Value & Price

We're a lean, passionate team, which allows us to provide value & pricing that's unbeatable by our competitors.  

Customer FOcused

We show up on time, with a great crew, and we're relentless in our pursuit to make this a spectacular experience.

Teamwork & Culture

We attract the best from the competition by providing a superior work environment & compensation structure.

Hundreds of 5-star reviews

Leave Your Junk in the Past

We're often called at the breaking point - you're fed up with having all of your unnecessary junk around and you're ready to get rid of it - FAST! Once you give the Junk Xpress team a call for a free quote, we'll jump into action. Our team is often available for same day pickups, and we regularly accommodate next day pickups as well.

We know that once your mind is made up, it's high time for your junk to hit the road.

Once it hits the road with us, it may end up at any number of locations depending on the items you give us.

When possible, we aim to donate. Donation centers do have limits on the kind of junk they're able to accept, but we're happy to leave them with anything that they can potentially put back to good use.

After the donation center, we'll typically stop at a recycling center. They're able to accept a wide range of materials and items. We all know that recycling is useful for putting things to new use - but you might be surprised at just where your items will end up. Glass from old school CRP TVs, for instance, often end up used in tile.

Some items require special disposal methods. Mattresses, for instance, can only be disposed of at dedicated, state-approved Mattress Recycling Centers.

We Value You - Our Customer

If we were in your shoes, we felt that we would value two things in a junk removal company: cheap prices and an easy process. We designed our entire offering with this in mind, and that's why so many of our past clients will tell you we smoked the competition when it came to pricing.

But more than that, we focus on friendly service teams that make this process as painless as possible for you. They'll do all the hauling for you and take the weight off your shoulders. They'll also communicate clearly and often, ensuring that all of your expectations are met.

We know it might sound a bit hard to believe coming straight from us. Thankfully, our customers have been kind enough to share their own experiences in reviews.

I used Yelp to get five estimates from junk removal services.  Zack with Junk Xpress responded immediately and provided a fair reasonable quote based on photos I sent.  Zack was responsive and friendly in communicating their services and estimate.  He offered same day pick up, but we opted for next day service since we weren't sure if we wanted to get rid of a treadmill or not.  His team gave us a 30 minute call ahead the next day.  The team was able to give us an updated quote to add in the treadmill, which again, was reasonable.  We will definitely call Zack and his team again in the next couple of months (more cleaning out of junk during this pandemic lockdown).

-Kris C. on Yelp

Our Simple Process

Working with Junk Xpress is as simple as:

  1. Calling for a quote and scheduling us
  2. Pointing to the items we're taking
  3. Watching us haul them off
  4. Seeing our truck disappear around the corner with your junk - gone for good!

We've worked hard to ensure that partnering with us adds no stress to your already busy life. In our mission to save your weekend from unnecessary straining, hauling, and driving around town, we've simplified our process down to the fastest, most efficient junk removal method possible.